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•  rameshlaus@twitter: Smiling Diva 💁‍♀ #SakshiAgarwal @ssakshiagarwal @teamaimpr   - twitter -  7 hr. 21 min. ago
•  purijagan@twitter: Much awaited announcement about #PJ37 #VD10 Movie Tomorrow @ 10AM💃🏻 Stay tuned to @PuriConnects !…   - twitter -  11 hr. 31 min. ago
•  rameshlaus@twitter: First single track #Sajinalobia from #Cocktail to be released by @thisisysr today at 6 pm. @ravijayamurugan…   - twitter -  14 hr. 51 min. ago
•  rameshlaus@twitter: #Maanaadu shooting starts tomorrow. Best wishes team! #STR @kalyanipriyan @vp_offl @thisisysr @sureshkamatchi…   - twitter -  Feb 18th, 2020
•  purijagan@twitter:   - twitter -  Feb 16th, 2020
•  rameshlaus@twitter: போகாதே போகாதே என்னை விட்டு போகாதே #Pogathey is out now! Last decade it was @thisisysr…   - twitter -  Feb 15th, 2020
•  baraju_SuperHit@twitter: Energetic Star @ramsayz and Dashing Director @purijagan's Blockbuster #iSmartShankar Hindi version will be telecast…   - twitter -  Feb 15th, 2020
•  purijagan@twitter: Swim in the ocean of Love on this #Valentines day with the Glance of #Romantic. 👉 Releasing…   - twitter -  Feb 14th, 2020
•  rameshlaus@twitter: Dark World 🎃🔮🕷 Queens @iamlakshmirai & @ssakshiagarwal 's A Mystery Thriller #Cinderella👸 Worldwide from March Rele…   - twitter -  Feb 14th, 2020
•  baraju_SuperHit@twitter: Young Tiger @tarak9999 Dashing Director @purijagan's High-voltage Blockbuster #Temper Produced by @ganeshbandla com…   - twitter -  Feb 13th, 2020
•  greatandhranews@twitter: @ysjagan 's party had gone public with the names of the officials allegedly helping Naidu. He had alleged that thes…   - twitter -  Feb 12th, 2020
•  rameshlaus@twitter: Actress @ssakshiagarwal was touched when a fan presented her a beautiful life size digital art painting of her..…   - twitter -  Feb 12th, 2020
•  purijagan@twitter: పసుపులేటి రామారావు గారు నాకు ఇష్టమైన వ్యక్తి . ఆయనతో పాతికేళ్ల పరిచయం . చాలా మంచి మనిషి . MISSING YOU SIR🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽   - twitter -  Feb 11th, 2020
•  purijagan@twitter: Summer, Beach & Love are connected. Get ready to feel the heat this summer with #Romantic, Worldwide releasing on M…   - twitter -  Feb 10th, 2020
•  purijagan@twitter: Keep an eye out for the exciting announcement, the release date of #Romantic will be announced tomorrow @ 1.56Pm.…   - twitter -  Feb 9th, 2020
•  baraju_SuperHit@twitter: Three producers come together for a pan India movie @purijagan, @Charmmeofficial and @karanjohar captured in one f…   - twitter -  Feb 8th, 2020
•  greatandhranews@twitter: @ysjagan reportedly asked the ministers and authorities to find out the source of information to Reuters news agen…   - twitter -  Feb 7th, 2020
•  purijagan@twitter: Annayya @actorbrahmaji good luck to #opittakdha and best of luck to my lovely producer Anand Prasad garu and entir…   - twitter -  Feb 7th, 2020
•  greatandhranews@twitter: If the TDP continues such malicious campaign, it is the state that would lose the investment and not @ysjagan or…   - twitter -  Feb 7th, 2020
•  greatandhranews@twitter: Both the dailies have given huge coverage to @ncbn ’s aggressive comments against @ysjagan and his challenge to the…   - twitter -  Feb 6th, 2020
•  greatandhranews@twitter: @ysjagan said five years down the line, the situation in Amaravathi would be horrible and the youth would not get…   - twitter -  Feb 4th, 2020
•  rameshlaus@twitter: #Teaser soon #பொல்லாதஉலகில்பயங்கரகேம் #விரைவில் டிசர் #ஜாக்கி ஷெராப் வெளியிடும் #PUBGTAMILFILM @vijaysrig #VSGFilm…   - twitter -  Feb 2nd, 2020
•  RGVzoomin@twitter: Sir ⁦@purijagan⁩ I look like a better FIGHTER 💪💪💪   - twitter -  Jan 31st, 2020
•  purijagan@twitter: Brilliant initiative by Mumbai Police! The more you honk The more u wait 👏🏼   - twitter -  Jan 31st, 2020
•  purijagan@twitter: #swachhsurvekshan2020visakhapatnam I support clean Vizag and requesting everyone to vote for Vizag. Our city our r…   - twitter -  Jan 30th, 2020
•  greatandhranews@twitter: How could these confidential reports come into public domain and leaked to only select media houses? @ysjagan   - twitter -  Jan 30th, 2020
•  purijagan@twitter: 3 MONKEYS trailer Feb7th releasing @3monkeysfilm Best of luck the whole team👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽   - twitter -  Jan 27th, 2020
•  RGVzoomin@twitter: Was at @purijagan ‘s and @Charmmeofficial ‘s new office ADDA in MUMBAI and it’s simply 10 times more WOW than CAVE…   - twitter -  Jan 27th, 2020
•  purijagan@twitter: Ram sorry for the late reply.. just saw ur tweet . Thank u n Lov u for always encouraging this song. You are the fi…   - twitter -  Jan 26th, 2020
•  purijagan@twitter: Here’re few #NaaVallaKadheMoment contest crazy replies. We are loving them, keep posting guys. #Romantic ICYMI 👉…   - twitter -  Jan 26th, 2020
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