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•  lux papa beauty flora in rgv’s geher   - tollywoodnet -  15 hr. 9 min. ago
•  RGVzoomin@twitter: Only thing bigger than #Baahubali2 is its mountainous jealousy building ..All film people unable to digest it's hype gone into hibernation   - twitter -  18 hr. 59 min. ago
•  RGVzoomin@twitter: #Baahubali2 converted all multiplexes into single screen theatres bcos all screens in all multiplexes in entire india are only playing BB2   - twitter -  20 hr. 39 min. ago
•  RGVzoomin@twitter: @sirasri Adhi Daivathvam kaadu Daanavatvam sir   - twitter -  20 hr. 39 min. ago
•  RGVzoomin@twitter: Raakshasudigaa maaraka mundhu,naa Manavathvam inka bathikunna Manchi roojullo naa koothuritho digina photo Idhi   - twitter -  20 hr. 39 min. ago
•  RGVzoomin@twitter: Sarkar roars for the 3rd time in Sarkar 3 Trailer2   - twitter -  22 hr. 49 min. ago
•  RGVzoomin@twitter: Just heard @niladri_kumar is making @sonunigam sing an azaan..I think this is the penultimately integrated disintegration of integration   - twitter -  Apr 25th, 2017
•  RGVzoomin@twitter: Me,Amala,Nagarjun in Borra caves for anando brahma song shoot in SHIVA ..The guy to left of Nag is PrabhuDeva   - twitter -  Apr 25th, 2017
•  RGVzoomin@twitter: The chants of गोविंदा गोविंदा going to roar once again! #Sarkar3OfficialTrailer2 out tomorrow at 11 am..Film releas…   - twitter -  Apr 25th, 2017
•  RGVzoomin@twitter: I have a strong feeling @ssrajamouli 's #Bahubali2 will make rest of all film makers in country feel like amateur TV serial directors   - twitter -  Apr 25th, 2017
•  RGVzoomin@twitter: Forget public not 1 in film ppl would have evr seen a Phalke film..A really relevant award for today will be a Raju Hirani or a K Jo award   - twitter -  Apr 24th, 2017
•  RGVzoomin@twitter: From Louis lumiere to Georges Melies fathers of cinema were inventors and mere tradesmen should not be confused with thrm   - twitter -  Apr 24th, 2017
•  RGVzoomin@twitter: This is not in disrespect to Phalke but it's in respect to K Jo because just as a viewer I love Jo's films far far more than P's films   - twitter -  Apr 24th, 2017
•  RGVzoomin@twitter: Phalke made 95 films n I dint see a single film equivalent of K Jo film ..I think it's just being ancient not recognising value of present   - twitter -  Apr 24th, 2017
•  RGVzoomin@twitter: Vishwanath gaaru I am not at all impressed with ur Dada saheb Phalke award because I think u are a far more superior director than him   - twitter -  Apr 24th, 2017
•  RGVzoomin@twitter: Vishwanath gaaru nenu Daada saheb cinemaloo choosanu mee cinemaloo choosanu ..naa vuddheshamlo Dada saheb ki mee p…   - twitter -  Apr 24th, 2017
•  RGV About Horoscope - జాతకం - Full Episode || Ramuism 2nd Dose || Ramuism | Telugu   - degaview -  Apr 24th, 2017
•  RGVzoomin@twitter: Such Sexy Moments   - twitter -  Apr 24th, 2017
•  RGVzoomin@twitter: @ssrajamouli Sir contradictions are a way of simplifying complexities .I am booking tickets of BB2 to watch 4 shows…   - twitter -  Apr 24th, 2017
•  Rajamouli’s funny reply to RGV’s Tweet   - telugu360 -  Apr 24th, 2017
•  RGVzoomin@twitter: @ssrajamouli sir overwrought modesty is more beautifully uglier than arrogant pride in its clothed and dishonest na…   - twitter -  Apr 24th, 2017
•  RGVzoomin@twitter: Ugly is beauty to ugly bcos beauty is not ugly to ugly like ugly is ugly to beauty n hence proved beauty ugly is not a ugly beauty   - twitter -  Apr 24th, 2017
•  RGVzoomin@twitter: Yes sir this whole world will agree👍   - twitter -  Apr 24th, 2017
•  RGVzoomin@twitter: Well sir everybody can't be as handsome as u and Sharuk khan   - twitter -  Apr 24th, 2017
•  RGVzoomin@twitter: The ugly is the beastly me and @ssrajamouli is looking more sexier than the beautiful #baahubali2   - twitter -  Apr 23rd, 2017
•  RGVzoomin@twitter: Beauty and the Ugly   - twitter -  Apr 23rd, 2017
•  RGVzoomin@twitter: 👍👍👍   - twitter -  Apr 23rd, 2017
•  HeroManoj1@twitter: Watch and enjoy @RGVzoomin 's Attack movie first time on TV today @ 3 p.m only on Gemini TV   - twitter -  Apr 23rd, 2017
•  RGVzoomin@twitter: A Single truth about mingling relationships is,who r single r always eager 2 mingle nd those who already mingled r eager to b single   - twitter -  Apr 23rd, 2017
•  RGVzoomin@twitter: Highest quality films are made by Aamir and that he doesn't care to be measured by any Indian award commitee including national speaks loud   - twitter -  Apr 22nd, 2017
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